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Both ferns and Palms are humidity lovers

Both ferns and Palms are humidity lovers and do not do well in the hot air caused by our heating system. Purchasing a large plant, especially from some place other than a reputable retail tropical greenhouse, often times kills the fern because of the change in light and humidity. I would suggest purchasing a fern in a 4 inch pot and growing it large. It will 'roll with the punches' as they say far better than an older well established plant--kinda like us.

The acera palm needs bright light even though the little care tag that comes in the pot says it is for low light. The plant should be in front of or right next to a south facing window and never near a heat vent. The rising hot air will dry out the frons very quickly. Daily misting of each from will help it to stay hydrated longer and also help prevent a mite infestation. Mites, almost microscopic tiny insect suck the nutrients from the leaves and eventually kill the plant.

You can find ferns that have thicker frons, which make maintaining them in the house far easier because the cells in those frons have thicker cell walls that prevent water from escaping as easily. They will also benefit from misting daily.

I have many fern in my hope and with a radiant heating system they thrive in my home.
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