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So there's this girl, and I like her

So there's this girl, and I like her. I just do-my world is a more beautiful place because of her and I'm definitely talking about the times when she's not around too. She's lit up this whole part of my heart that's been locked away to keep it from being trampled on so long.

We've been going out for four months, and I have to leave (for work). I'll be gone for about a year-maybe two, but I really hope not. It's too soon to say anything serious of course, because you don't just up and marry someone you've only been through good times with. But Goddamit if I don't like her, and I'd really like that to be the case when I get back.

I'm just venting to the world wide web to be honest of course, and I have 2.8 beers in me to help along lol. But, to you yahoo'ers out there, what can I say to keep her? I'll be gone so much I'm afraid the trial of distance will break us, and like I said I'm not ready to propose yet. What would you do?
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