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Today a detective showed up to my house

Today a detective showed up to my house who I've already been questioned by a month ago. today he proceeded to bang on my door and circle around my house when I did not answer the door banging on the windows and doors violently then said while laughing he might kick down the door cuz he was concerned for my safety when i am a 19 girl not some fragile old woman. I then answered the door and asked if I was being detained they dodged the question until the 3rd time I asked and said no then suggested we talk inside I told them no they were not allowed in my home and I had cooperated enough and would not further answer anymore questions. they asked to speak to my bf and I told them they could that he was getting dressed and then began to close my door and the detective put his foot in the way of closing my door. I turned to him and repeated he wasnt allowed in and he argued keeping his foot there so I let it go. Im in fl is he allowed to do all this?
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