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I have a friend, who is female

I have a friend, who is female and I think she has a boyfriend. We are mutual friends and we hang out a lot. I'm always doing the driving. And when I do the driving she frequently needs me to pick her up and drop her home. Ever since we have started to hang out I've done 100% of the driving. Some times I have done 100+ miles in a day just to pick her up. She refuses to meet me halfway, but all of my other friends will meet me halfway because I don't live near anybody. It isn't like she is on the way to places. I have to drive out of my way to pick her up. And she never has offered me a dime for gas. it's nice to be asked. My biggest beef is that I don't think friends should put each other out. If we were dating or married the situation would be different. I want to be nice to people but not a pushover. And it seems like other people are taking advantage of my niceness. Last week my group of friends went out to dinner. We all have a mutual friend who wanted to go, but had no car. They asked me to drive nearly 4 hours round trip, 50 minutes from my house to hers, over an hour from her house to the place in Orange County, and the reverse. and she has no money to offer for gas and I didn't even feel right taking money from her since she is homeless.
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